Green Wall – S/T EP

Green Wall

Released in 1990 by Davies Production

1) Holiday Inn Massacre
2) Feta Cheese
3) One Last Beer
4) Grandpapa Joe

3 thoughts on “Green Wall – S/T EP

  1. I’ll never forget the infamous “Dog Food” show at St. Andrews Hall. My girlfriend got soaked with some sort of crazy goop as they did their encore version of “Moist and Meaty.” Good times, miss those guys’ It’s too bad some people didn’t get the joke!

    • I liked Green Wall but they could be a little raw in their live appearances. Mainly on account of the fact thet they were so freaking high. I was at the Birmingham show where the lead singer started a riot at this hippie thing out there in the burbs’ I heard their going to do some sort of reunion thing, thats why I’m looking them up. I hope it isn’t true and yet I do?

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