Crucifucks – Ours Will be Done CD


Released in 1992 by Alternative Tentacles Records

1) Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
2) Go Bankrupt And Die
3) You Give Me The Creeps
4) Marching For Trash
5) Legal Genocide
6) I Am The Establishment
7) Cops For Fertilizer
8) Hinkley Had A Vision
9) By The Door
10) Oh Where, Oh Where?
11) I Was
12) Similar Items
13) Official Terrorism
14) No One Can Make Me Play Along With This
15) Down On My Knees
16) Annual Report
17) Intro
18) The Mountain Song
19) Washington
20) Resurrection
21) Earth By Invitation Only
22) Laws Against Laughing
23) Pig In A Blanket
24) When The Top Comes Off
25) Concession Stand
26) Wisconsin
27) Artificial Competition
28) Holiday Parade
29) The Savior

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