Dan and Dave No.3 retouched

Dan and Dave Punk circa 1992

Dan and Dave Punk hosted a punk radio show from 1991 until 1994 on a small college radio station in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. In an era pre-dating the widespread use of e-mail, Dan and Dave wrote letters to literally hundreds of punk bands throughout the country. The response was impressive, and the result was a punk show that became a snapshot of a niche genre during it’s most prolific period.

Now, in 2013, Dan and Dave have returned to put together several podcasts featuring music from their show. This music, representing the deepest level of the underground punk scene in the early nineties, has been long forgotten, even by most of those involved in the scene at the time. In these podcasts, Dan and Dave present these songs not as a nostalgic time capsule, but as a vibrant compilation of superb music that escaped the polish and homogenization of the money-driven major label recording industry, and which stand as a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of people who practiced their art for the love of doing it.

Punk is, quite decidedly, not dead.

-Heinrich D. Meilen, Dan and Dave historian

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